Braceface Colombian Teen Mia Fingers Her Pussy

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We bring you worldwide teen pussy. We've often featured girls from the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. We've even had a few Canadians and Russians. But it's rare that we get a South American beauty, which is what Colombian Mia is. You don't need to speak Spanish to know Mia is horny. Mia doesn't speak English, but our photographer translated the naughty things she said, like, "I had sex in a movie theatre with people around me. I think they noticed us, and I even swore that a guy was jacking off while watching us." Language isn't a barrier for Mia. "I once went on a date with an American tourist. It was a little strange because we didn't speak the same language, but he was sexy and we used a translation app to communicate. Talking wasn't that important anyway because we both just wanted to have sex. What I remember the most is that his cum tasted good."