Holly Garner Molly Evans The Fantasy Dream Girls

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The pairing of Molly Evans and Holly Garner is another fantastic team-up in the SCORE tradition of incredible girls going tit-to-tit and nipple-to-nipple. Dressed in matching bras, panties and garters, Holly and Molly meet for the first time. It won't be the last time. If we were told that they are two goddesses descending from Mount Olympus and taking the form of two voluptuous women, we'd believe every word. The fantasy girls kiss passionately with erotic tongue play and kiss and lick each other's nipples, making pleasure sounds. Sensuously enjoying each other's company and their beautiful bodies and full, natural tits, Holly and Molly take great pleasure in their lip-smacking tit-worshipping. They knew about each other and had seen each other's photos and videos and they said they felt the rush of excitement building in anticipation before they actually met in person. Molly turns around to show her delicious cheeks and Holly plays with the rounded mounds, rubbing and lightly spanking her ripe ass. They resume their tongue smooching, licking and boob fondling, fascinated and intoxicated. Molly gets on her back, her legs spread open. Holly, wearing a pink strap-on, gets between Molly's legs. She moves Molly's panties to the side, lubes her beautiful pussy and fucks her new girlfriend. We'll be seeing these wonder women again.