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A few things are going on in Jenn Cameron's first scene at • This sexy brunette is dressed in very revealing lingerie. Her very nice tits are on full display. • She shows off her beautiful body and fingers her hairy pussy. • Her step-son is hiding in the closet and watching. But she doesn't know that...yet. Jenn is a 42-year-old mother of three from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who told us, "When I'm out in public, I dress like a regular mom in jeans or yoga pants and a T-shirt, or if I'm on the way to or from work, I am in scrubs." Scrubs because she's a nurse, and you know how much we love nurses. "People that know me would be very surprised to see me here," Jenn said. "Only one person who knows me is aware of this part of my life." It's the sexiest, wild part of her life. Jenn is neither a swinger nor a nudist. Her fetish is, "I have a praise kink. Call me a good girl and I melt." We can do that. And by "melt," we assume she means her pussy gets wet. "A sexual fantasy I have is being blindfolded, restrained and used by a stranger." Of course, she means her mouth and pussy get used. Jenn enjoys going to the beach and playing with her pet miniature pigs. She said, "I have a thing for younger guys, but they have to be mature and know how to be a man, like being able to change the oil in my car." Will fucking your pussy do, Jenn?