Naias Heavy Tits Overwhelm Her Pink Bikini

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Naia Bee was born in Russia and lives in Brooklyn, a borough in New York City that has a sizable Russian and Russian-American population. Naia likes to go on dates that are "filled with laughter and mutual chemistry, both mental and physical. Foreplay should be lots of kissing, nipple licking and pinching and softly going down on me. I like a man who appreciates a very busty girl and spends a lot of time loving her tits." Naia does yoga and meditates. She likes to watch soccer now and then. She also likes to explore museums and try different restaurants. Naia gets off best with a good tongue lashing. She loves having her pussy eaten and her clit licked. She also loves sex with sweet-smelling females, too, but didn't say if they should have big tits or if breast size matters in a female partner.